"So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground." (Mark 4:26)

Sow Your Seed

Jesus compared the kingdom of God with the planting of seed and reaping the harvest. It's a simple concept. One all of us can understand. But why, are so few experiencing harvest? Because most of us are sitting around waiting on God to do all the work.

God doesn't operate that way. He will work with us, but He will not do the work for us. There are some fundamental things that each of us must do by faith if we want to receive a harvest in due season.

First, we must sow our seed in faith, expecting it to grow. Second, we must water our seed, with our praise. Third, we have to keep the weeds from around our seed with our worship.

The devil uses unforgiveness, doubt, fear, and discouragement to try and choke out our harvest! It will take diligence on our part to keep him out.
No one can do it for us! When we have opportunity to sow, make sure you sow! When you sense things getting dry in your walk, be sure to water it with your praise! When you identify weeds (junk that shouldn't be a part of your life), get it out and keep it out with worship.

Don't sit around waiting for God to produce your harvest. Start planting! Watch over your land (your heart and your mind) to keep it moist and keep the weeds out; with praise and worship. Commit to do your part and trust God to do His. You will have harvest in due season!

Pastor Camp